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2nd line = cuteness overload
try add another cute lines
and keep your good work

Re: cuteness overload

Tanks, I will!:)

I like how Spike is just carrying an arrow, real subtle-like. X)

Love it!

Flutters is Dovakin, Natsu and LeLouch, possibly medic as well.

Who is Natsu and LeLounch?

It is so awesome! PLease add more :)

when Celestia will release me from my job.. :D It will be soon, don't worry:)


when you finish this, make a secret yell that plays the fus ro dah part, actual version and makes twi fly out of the picture or somethin, like as an easter egg. great work though.

You're such a loudmouth, Flutterdov..

this.. this...
*dies from cuteness overload*

FUS-RO-ʸᵃʸ! *decapitated by cuteness*

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