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You know, this could also be an elaborate plan by Hasbro to drive up sales of the Friendship Express DVD (out 2/28), which also has the untouched episode....

Besides, I don't mind the new voice, but disappointed that they dropped her name (which kinda threw the timing off for the entire scene).

Hm.. Conspiracy theory..? Hm..

i like the old derpy voice. its sound funnier


This is definitely heart breaking, what the hell, Hasbro?
there was nothing offensive to Derpy, neither in name or voice, I am disappoint!
I really hope they bring her back to herself again, such a *** move.

Edited at 2012-02-25 09:06 pm (UTC)

It's not a *** move. It's a *** copyright law. And not only in US.. I don't know.. Sometimes copyright is really protecting authors. But for me it sucks in 75% of cases..

wait, this was because of copyright laws? not offended moms?

What's up with moms?!?

Just the outcry of Derpy being offensive and wanted Hasbro to change the name and voice of the character, or remove her all together. We all petitioned against it, but I think this may have been a response to that..

I didn't saw anything offensive. She was just silly and funny.

exactly, but y'know, you can't make entertainment without offending anyone, in my opinion, the derpy situation was harmless, just a silly clumsy pony.
(if derpy is being altered for offending parents, then why not ed from ed edd and eddy, lol)

Even from that perspective I can say that altering has been done because of copyright law. It just seems more legit to me..

honestly I can't see how it would have to do anything with copyright laws..
Whatever made them change it, I still think it sucks that they've "fixed" her =/

Oh well, I'll always have the awesomeness of old Derpy on my computer. It's a shame though, could've been the start of an awesome fan-driven character on the show


btw, is it only the itunes version and they still going to air the original derpy episodes, or are they going to change it going forward?

I don't know about other Derpy episodes!

yea I know but I just didn't know if there was any public statement regarding episodes featuring derpy, talking or appearing in the backgrounds in the future.
oh well, no matter what they name her, what voice they give her, we'll remember her as derpy (fan dubs would be nice then, hehe)

I'm sorry, I have a temperature of about 100°F.. I can't speak much with it :D
But I still love Derpy And I'll try to preserve and develop this character in our fandom.

Something like this.. Sorry again, I'm deяping..

The Last Roundup with new voice

Hi, I've found the older version of this episode, with RD saying Derpy's name, AND with Derpy's new voice (I think someone just mixed the 2 audios), but it was one of the versions with the there any chance you will do the same or post the link if you're able to find it?

Re: The Last Roundup with new voice

I think I'm not gonna do non-canonic audio/video mixes or subtitled versions of this show ever. Sorry!

I have something for my fellow bronies
as for further episodes she'll be fine, he (official animator on the show) confirms, but there's been no confirmation on speaking voices.
honestly I'd rather keep her as a background/silent pony than her speaking her new voice. (which was not dubbed by the team itself I believe)
I'll by the way just apologize for my outrage earlier, we all get lost in the moment when we fear for something we love.

Re: I have something for my fellow bronies

nom-nom... I don't bother.. just enjoying the show.. :D

Вот статейка, разъясняющая Дерпский вопрос:
Here's an article explaining Derpy's situation:


BRONIES RULE!! HATERS DROOL!! DERPY'S GOT A BETTE RLOVE STORY THEN TWILIGHT. THE NON-EXISTENT ONE. Sry caps. We should taje all the HATERS of DERPY, and push them sometiere else.


If people find her offensive that's their own frikin' faults. SOME People think;
Derpy: an pony offensive to those with a mental disability

I think;
Derpy: a loving, clumsy pony who has an affection for muffins and has a mental disabiliy, but not offensive in any way

Why the voice change? Is Hasbro trying to remove her? Or did they ALREADY remove her from the show MLP: FiM forever? Who knows. But even if she is (or was) taken out of the show for good, atleast we know she will still be forever in our hearts. Go Derpy, and go muffins... and the muffin cannon. :D

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