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Can't wait for the high quality version :)

Gracias ^^

download link3 mirror on narod gives a 404 after entering the code.

I dunno, sorry. I guess we'll have to wait until yandex server reboot.

Thank you !

My morning is brighter thanks to you :D

Cheers from France

The download speed has been doubled! (ok, way more than doubled, that russian site is waaaay faster than the other one)

Ok, I don't understand how to add images, I'm an idiot :|

Ah yea, I tried the HTML tags, but I forget that the image needs to be a website rather than an image on my computer. Let's see if I got this right this time :)

Let me guess, it needs to be a jpg or something. Can't find a jpg of Double Fun Luna though :(

I just wanted to give you my appreciation. You are awesome.

Many thanks, you are great! :D

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