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И теперь пол года ждать нового сезона =(

Ну не знаю, я смотрю поней очень часто и оба сезона. На полгода хватит, я думаю :D

Я так Fallout Equestria прочитаю!

Will you be posting download links soon?

One day, two epic Grand Finale episodes!

We will await the download links patiently :)

Thank you so much for all the uploads, and I'll see you next season :D
Hope that doesn't take too long though...

Thanks! I hope too:)

Muchas Gracias ^^

no Full HD on these or is it just taking a while?


Can you try to put all of the S2 episodes into one folder, or RAR archive?

So huge archives are not supported by file hosting servers. Try to find some torrents..

this is the end of season 2 right? :(
But until season 3 you will keep posting your work right?

oh! can you finish my little derpy 5? pleaseeee :P
i can't wait to play that game

I can't post my CURRENT WORK here! It's in the field of the laser location systems and not pony-related at all! :D

and I don't know what to do with Derpy.. I mean when..

a little bit late, but thanks for the download. am i stupid, or does shining armor has sometimes blue and sometimes white eggballs?(not the ires.^^)


how do I get to eggball? I mean eyeball ;D

Continue the Series

hey I have followed you through season 2and you made it very easy to get episodes as soon as they came out it was really great, are you going to continue this when season 3 comes out :D

Re: Continue the Series

Yeah! It won't be too hard to me)
And I will upload season 1 someday..

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