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Bronies Around the World
Well, this work is inspired by Ponies Around the World Event and actually it is just a little improvement for this posts on EQdaily:
Ponies Around the World Round 1
Ponies Around the World Round 2
Ponies Around the World Round 3

Work in progress: I must add thousands of cities and photos, but I'd like to share this app with everypony now:)

BROWSE SITE for flash games, music and stuff

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Зума нет кроме фулскрина?

Пока нет, а нужен? Нужен - приделаю конечно:)

В штатах будет очень густо звезд понатыкано. Без зума не разобрать. Можно маленькие кружки цветные вместо звезд юзать, так компактнее будет.

А.. я думал ты про зум фотографий:) Ну зум карты пока, вроде, не нужен... А вообще лично мне очень нравится, когда много звёздочек рядом на карте - красиво, когда они на мышку откликаются:)

p.s.: вот подумал ещё немного.. да, придётся, скорее всего, косить под гугл карты с зумом и drag'ом:)

If you want to make a map of the world There's a pony for that

Austria: 13:50 (1:50pm)
*real laughing*

Why not Finland?

Why not to come Finland? :D

sooner or later I'll sure make it happen!:)


none in florida!!!!!!!!POPWE LOL




Estonia D: ?

What is missing in Poland >.< .? I'm PL :D


Spain? D8

Guys, I'll make the other cities as soon as I'll have more free time, ok?:) Also, you can send me some new photos directly.

Tucson, AZ, United States

I can get you some photos there sometime lol

Re: Tucson, AZ, United States

you can write me pm here, or here or here and I'll send you my e-mail:)

Or you can just wait some time and I will post my e-mail on this page (I'll try to spam-protect it somehow).

Celestia, give me the time to fill this app.

why none in canda... specifically sault ste. marie ontario

Sorry, I still have no time to update this app..

Re: ..

I'm from the Soo.


I live in Titusville PA
-Brony Sorin

Oh yah

I'm Mae Nelson
-Brony Sorin


I will send a photo of Applejack in a field I share with my neighbors
-Brony Sorin

You can send it on my livejournal mail in my profile!

You oughta come out to KCMO some time. Theres actually a brony convention at the sprint center in may! (as far as ive heard :P )

Re: What?

I agree with you, there is a small band of bronies here. The group page on facebook has about 800 as of now.

will it change

will this map change all the time?

It will change eventually..

what about Utah, United States

cause I am a certified Brony

i hope there is something from costa rica!


Rockford, Illinois!


If I would send you ponies in Lithuania, would you add it?


Why not egypt?

A polska?? Gdzie jest polska???

-can acculy speak english but speaks polish enyway just to make it look better-

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