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UPD: If you like this game, please vote for it here, so more bronies can join you:) Just find there in the list Dash Off (Flash Game) and click the green plus. Also you can find several dozens of pony animations on that site!

BROWSE SITE for flash games, music and stuff

My new flash game: Friendship is Music - My Little Pony piano, bronies! Stupid font embedding...
And my new video! My Little Derpy - Episode 3!
Bronies Around the World - addition to event on Equestria Daily!
Version 1.05: Added silence screen at the begining of swf
The game based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series.
- Collect as much apples as you can
- You have only five minutes
- Rainbow Dash cannot fly when power is low
- Collect apples to regain power
- Meet friends to gain unlimited power!
- Beware of baked bads

Special thanks to:
- Lauren Faust and her AWESOME team for magic of frienship
- All bronies from this thread on ponychan for great pony models
- RainbowCrash88 for fantastic soundtrack

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is © Hasbro
The game by Taras Piskunov, 2011

Игра основана на мультсериале My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

- Цель: собрать как можно больше яблок
- У тебя есть всего пять минут
- Rainbow Dash не может летать, когда полоска силы пуста
- Собирай яблоки для восстановления силы
- Друзья помогут тебе не уставать
- Не ешь плохие кексики!

UPD: Changelog:
- Fonts fixed
- "Bad cupcakes" replaced by "Baked Bads"

- Added new flying animation
- Little control fix - now you can fly left:)

- Little control fix 2 - now you can fly with SPACE BAR button
- Minor bug fix

- Derpy and baking bads script fixed

- Added silence screen at the begining of swf
- Added version counter

Love it

Looks very nice, my only big problem are the controls

Thank you for the comment! About the controls: they are pretty unusual, but the main goal is to go forward (like in a racing game) and that is why you can jump (fly) only forward. Well.. if there will be more bronys like you, i'll make a standard platformer jump:)

The collision is kinda derpy for me but it's nothing that prevents me from playing normally. Other than that I really like it. Good job!

Thanks! I'm so excited! ~700 views for 1 hour! Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh:) Please enjoy:) p.s.: sorry for derps,%)


Excellent game!!

Thanks aloot!:)


Controls need to be about 20% cooler tho. You need to press forward again when switching between running/flying which is a little derpy.

But other then that, good job. Hope you'll keep improving it.

I'll try to fix controls tomorrow! Thanks for the comment! :)

Entertaining in a strange way, but I'm awful at these kinda games so I only got 125 apples on the first try.. still, neat little game!

I love your userpic ^^

Thanks, brony:)

Neat game! I found it funny how Derpy drops muffins :P

Yes.. she's.. nice.. :D Thanks.


was very fun
yes the controls are off but doesnt stop me
maybe add background changes? like season?

winter wrap up! yesyesyesyesyes! good idea, thanks alot!:)

Спасибо за игру ^_^ Скачал в коллекцию.

You're welcome:) Насчёт коллекции: а есть где-нибудь адекватный списочек игр про поней?:)

Interesting game, but like most said, the controls were reeeeeally awkward.

Also, I saw you got a post on Equestria Gaming


Game's pretty good, despite a couple of control issues. To be honest though I've been using it mainly for the looping 8-bit pony tracks.


Nice little game, but it looks like you forgot to embed your custom font.

Eeeyep, I did:) Thanks for the comment.


If rainbows dash dashes off...
Then does applejack.... y'know?

Re: Waiiit (Anonymous) Expand

GOod game

The game was a lot of fun but the issue was the controls. I really do love the retro look the game has would love to see another with some better controls =)


Not a bad game...just wish there where more flash games which where more RPGish oriented or just Pony Themed
Btw you should change the background once in a while
And be able to control flight
Other than that a nice fun little game


Liked it, wish you make more. Maybe a platformer with quests and stuff? Anyway, thank you

Thank you too:) I gotta make a Dash Off patch 1.1 to fix some bugs (like big game developers) and then... well... May be.. Who knows, Whoof knows.. :D

I love it so far! I really hope you'll add more features ^^

This is a pretty fun game! RD is my least favorite of the mane 6, but I still had fun playing as her, and I don't usually keep the music playing when I'm playing through a game but the MLP songs were just so catchy and fit the game. :p It's simple & easy to understand. :)

i know


the game is fun :D where did you get the awesome music XD i want it so bad lol

Cool game, bro!

Счастья тебе, товарищ! Игра годная, продолжай в том же духе.

In Soviet Russia game plays you

Спасибо, товарищ! ^^

Это круто на 120%

Классная игра, а главное, про Дэши!
Теперь ясно, чем занимается Дерпи. Контрабандой кексиков Эппл Блум.

Как же приятно общаться по-русски:)

Спасибо за комментарий! Вообще-то это кексики, которые сделала Эплджек, когда много вкалывала в третьей серии.

Орден резиновой черепашки выражает тебе благодарность!!!

эээ..YAY! Спасибо:)

Годно! А будет мод с Флаттершай?

:D скорее DLC! Спасибо за идею, как доработаю эту версию - сделаю:)

Really cool game.Так держать,+ тебе в карму за работу.

Oh god, it's so wonderful!

Totally Awesome!

Wow, this is really good! I've played it about five times a day since it came out! (lol, my highest score is 302...)

My only problem is the fact that you can't really jump. But besides that, I LOVE the game! Great job!

Thank you! I'm working on it!:)

i like it (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Totally Thank you:) (Anonymous) Expand

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