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Love it

Looks very nice, my only big problem are the controls

Thank you for the comment! About the controls: they are pretty unusual, but the main goal is to go forward (like in a racing game) and that is why you can jump (fly) only forward. Well.. if there will be more bronys like you, i'll make a standard platformer jump:)

The collision is kinda derpy for me but it's nothing that prevents me from playing normally. Other than that I really like it. Good job!

Thanks! I'm so excited! ~700 views for 1 hour! Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh:) Please enjoy:) p.s.: sorry for derps,%)


Excellent game!!

Thanks aloot!:)


Controls need to be about 20% cooler tho. You need to press forward again when switching between running/flying which is a little derpy.

But other then that, good job. Hope you'll keep improving it.

I'll try to fix controls tomorrow! Thanks for the comment! :)

Entertaining in a strange way, but I'm awful at these kinda games so I only got 125 apples on the first try.. still, neat little game!

I love your userpic ^^

Thanks, brony:)

Neat game! I found it funny how Derpy drops muffins :P

Yes.. she's.. nice.. :D Thanks.


was very fun
yes the controls are off but doesnt stop me
maybe add background changes? like season?

winter wrap up! yesyesyesyesyes! good idea, thanks alot!:)

Спасибо за игру ^_^ Скачал в коллекцию.

You're welcome:) Насчёт коллекции: а есть где-нибудь адекватный списочек игр про поней?:)

Interesting game, but like most said, the controls were reeeeeally awkward.

Also, I saw you got a post on Equestria Gaming


Game's pretty good, despite a couple of control issues. To be honest though I've been using it mainly for the looping 8-bit pony tracks.


Nice little game, but it looks like you forgot to embed your custom font.

Eeeyep, I did:) Thanks for the comment.


If rainbows dash dashes off...
Then does applejack.... y'know?

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GOod game

The game was a lot of fun but the issue was the controls. I really do love the retro look the game has would love to see another with some better controls =)


Not a bad game...just wish there where more flash games which where more RPGish oriented or just Pony Themed
Btw you should change the background once in a while
And be able to control flight
Other than that a nice fun little game


Liked it, wish you make more. Maybe a platformer with quests and stuff? Anyway, thank you

Thank you too:) I gotta make a Dash Off patch 1.1 to fix some bugs (like big game developers) and then... well... May be.. Who knows, Whoof knows.. :D

I love it so far! I really hope you'll add more features ^^

This is a pretty fun game! RD is my least favorite of the mane 6, but I still had fun playing as her, and I don't usually keep the music playing when I'm playing through a game but the MLP songs were just so catchy and fit the game. :p It's simple & easy to understand. :)

i know


the game is fun :D where did you get the awesome music XD i want it so bad lol

Cool game, bro!

Счастья тебе, товарищ! Игра годная, продолжай в том же духе.

In Soviet Russia game plays you

Спасибо, товарищ! ^^

Это круто на 120%

Классная игра, а главное, про Дэши!
Теперь ясно, чем занимается Дерпи. Контрабандой кексиков Эппл Блум.

Как же приятно общаться по-русски:)

Спасибо за комментарий! Вообще-то это кексики, которые сделала Эплджек, когда много вкалывала в третьей серии.

Орден резиновой черепашки выражает тебе благодарность!!!

эээ..YAY! Спасибо:)

Годно! А будет мод с Флаттершай?

:D скорее DLC! Спасибо за идею, как доработаю эту версию - сделаю:)

Really cool game.Так держать,+ тебе в карму за работу.

Oh god, it's so wonderful!

Totally Awesome!

Wow, this is really good! I've played it about five times a day since it came out! (lol, my highest score is 302...)

My only problem is the fact that you can't really jump. But besides that, I LOVE the game! Great job!

Thank you! I'm working on it!:)

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