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at first I thought mouseplay doesn't work, but you have to "hide help". Now I have to wait till people transcribe more songs.

"A Tout le Monde" by Megadeth

it sounds AWESOME! thanks!

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for those who still like seing my little pony for girly reasons

a whole new world
raw input:
01fqwqf 0rd 0es 01fqwqf 0rd 0es
f qd fw 1 3 2
f qd fw f q
q w f q eq w e were q w 1
f qd fw 1 3 2
f qd fw f q
q w f q eq w e w re q w f
fd a s ddd f w 1
fd a s qfdfw q w
f d s v as
w v cs
f q w f d f w e w
f d a s
1 f q w w

with sidenotes, and lyrics
01fqwqf 0rd 0es 01fqwqf 0rd 0es

f qd fw 1 3 2
i can show you the world (dam dam)

f qd fw f q
shining shimmering, spleendid

q w(mistake here, the w have been somewhere between w and q) f q eq w e were q w 1
tell me princess, now when did you last let your heart decide

(dam dam dam)

f qd fw 1 3 2
I can open your eyes

f qd fw f q
take you wonder by wo-nder

q w(mistake here, the w have been somewhere between w and q) f q eq w e w re q w f
over sideways, and under on a magic carpet ride

fd a s ddd f w 1
a whole new world (don’t you dare close your eyes)

fd a s qfdfw q w
a whole new world (hold your breath it gets better)

f d s v as
ill take you anywhere

w v cs
theres time to spare

f q w f(theres a mistake here, the q should be somewhere between q and f) d f w e w
let me share this whole new world with you

f d a s
a whole new world

f d a s
a whole new world

1 f q w w
For you and for – meeee

oh, and i had a little trouble with the tempo, and the message system seem to have cut off the spaces i made at the end at some of the notes. ill see if i can fix it.

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Metallica - One:
tempo 190
r f r w 2 f 2 w r f r w 2 f 2 w d r f r w 1 f 1 w 2 f 2 w 0 r 2 r 0 r 2 r

Put space after 4 notes.

Metal is Magic)

fsfq s wqwe 1 r e w q w Guess what it is.

I forgot to mention that the Megadeth one is tempo 101.

And I had to transpose the key. Original is in f minor and as this one only does C Major/a minor I had to adjust accordingly. And it seems you can't do notes outside the key, but that's understandable.

Anyway, here's another Metallica song.

Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Tempo: 102

thats actually Anthrax


In the Halls of the Mountain King

0432131 141 242--0432131we131w--

It doesn't sound quite right due to the fact that some notes are played in this song that simply aren't featured in this game.

z x cc aa s c zx z x cc aa s cv xc Nearer my god to thee

Morrowind/Skyrim Theme

Try the following at 200bpm. Morrowind theme, leads into the skyrim opener :D


Giggle at the Ghosties

do this one at 240 BPM

Courtesy of Macon of Equestria Daily


Re: Giggle at the Ghosties

210-360 tempo is good

Zelda's Lullaby

At regular 120 tempo:
e q r 1re q r e q a s q wer
(Make sure to get all the space at the end)

Re: Zelda's Lullaby

OK it didn't work in the comment, but make sure there are 7 spaces after the last 'r'. Not essential but makes it sound a lot better :)

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I have way too much time on my hands. Have some Hava Nagila. 4-4--1231-1--er1r-r--wer1-2-3-- q-q--sdfs-s--vasa-a--cvas-d-f-- 11-2333-22-3444-4-2-34r-1-2-3-- ss-dfff-dd-fqqq-q-d-fqa-s-d-f- a--a--a-a-a-a- aac-vacvaaac-vacva vvx-cvxcvvvx-cvxcv vvz---vvz---q-q-cvasa----- The dotted eighths threw me off a bit, but I approximated it pretty well. (I think the key is right- I used Trumpet notes for this and they're both C instruments, right?)

That didn't quite come out the way I wanted it to... let's try again... also, 120 Tempo seems to work fine. But I guess you could fiddle with it to find a better one.


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Outside the Wall - Pink Floyd

Tempo: 120

Tempted to put in some Bach cello suites. =] Stopped where the piece goes out of key. (tempo around 156)


s f s f qwqfq s f s f fqw dfqwf s d
s f s f fqfq s f s f fqfw w wqf qw
f fdsdf

Chorus to Autumn by Sparks the Rescue C:

Lol forgot, Tempo 125

whats the popping noise is when the notes start?

Oh good im not the only one who hears that. thats the only thing that bugs me in this flash.

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I really want a download of this.

Can anypony transcribe something from Apocalyptica for me? ever since I saw Octavia, I've been waiting for Apocalyptica/Octavia videos.

I tried, I really did, but most of Apocalyptica's songs (read: the nearly dozen of them I went through) use far too many flats and sharps to sound even decent without them. D=

I would also enjoy watching Octavia rock out to some Apocalyptica, but I don't think this thing can handle it. XD

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Lost Woods - LoZ Ocarina of Time

2re 2re 2refq ewe13 4313 2re 2re 2refq ewfe1 e143 432 1re we3 432 1re wqf 432 1re we3 342312r1erweqwfd qf tempo should be 125-130 enjoy!

Re: Lost Woods - LoZ Ocarina of Time

You forgot to put -'s after some notes. Fix: 2re 2re 2refq ewe13----4313----2re 2re 2refq ewfe1----e143----432 1re we3---- 432 1re wqf----- 432 1re we3---- 342312r1erweqwfdqf-----

Key change

Can you PLEASE make it so you can change keys? I can't get an F# in just a C scale.

Fade To Black - Metallica

I made fade to black by Metallica. Just so you know, you can also do A minor scale because C and A minor are the same.

Fade to Black:

A Minor:

I love this! Could you make an option for minor or would that be too much work? I'd love to play some metal songs.

More Metal Songs

Iron Maiden - The Number Of the Beast (play @ 200)


The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (play @ 140)


Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin (play @ 210)


Re: More Metal Songs

Solo to "One" by Metallica


This is awesome, have some tunes.

Welp, there went about two hours of my life. XD

(140 tempo) s--s--s--d-s-q--r--w-w-q-f-sdf--d--d--d--r-c-r--r-w-w-r-rws--------- (Song of the Eared Robot - Teto Kasane)

(200 Tempo) a--f--a--c--v--a--s------w--1--w--f--q--wqwe-------- (Explore - Homestuck)

(320 Tempo) -s-w--s-a-s--w-s--d-f--f-q-f-d-----dfq--------s-w--s-a-s--w-s--d-f--f-q-f-d----dsx-------- (On To Grasstown - Cave Story)

If this could produce flat and sharp sounds I would be lost transposing music for some time. =P

Halo theme

Start at 100 and change to 150 at the second part

4--- 3 2 3 1 2 3----- 4------- __ r ew---- e 1 e r------ __ 4 2 1 3---- 4 2 3 4 3- 0--- 4---------- __

4442----- _4441--- -_333r _333e-_333w--_w_r14
4442----- _4441--- -_333r _333e-_333w--_w_r14

I had a 3rd part but when I hit the leave a comment it kind of removed it..


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